Miriam Hansen: It’s (just) us

16 September – 2 October 2022

BABEL visningsrom for kunst welcomes you to the solo exhibition It’s (just) us by Miriam Hansen.

Opening reception Friday, September 16th from 19.00–21.00
Artist talk: Sunday, October 2nd at 14:00

Opening hours:
Thurs/Fri 16:00–19:00
Sat/Sun 12:00–16:00

Miriam Hansen works with plant-human relations, where vegetal matter acts both as subject and guide for her artistic strategies. Weaving together oral traditions, forum-posted trip-reports and the soothing confidence propagated by the wellness industry, her practice looks into questions of healing and legality, morality and ideas of “the holistic” in contemporary society. As a starting point for her exhibition It’s (just) us at Babel she has been growing, encouraging, utilized and refined several varieties of the genus Brugmansia – a cultigen in the nightshade family that originated from South America, and today is extinct in the wild – as the flowering plant relates to human sleep, its disruption and temporary loss of memory.

Through a series of work containing or extrapolating on the plants deliriant effect, the exhibition aims to infuse the room with the intention of encountering the sleepless dream- or an altered sleep.

Miriam Hansen (b.1988) lives and works in Oslo and holds an MFA from Oslo Academy of Fine Arts. Her works manifest as temporal environments that allow for cycles of growth and decay, building material structures around the notions of empathy and care. Recent exhibitions include Hulias(Oslo), The sculpture triennale(Oslo), the Astrup Fearnley Museum(Oslo), Poppositions art fair(Brussels), Pippy Houldsworth Gallery(London) and Podium(Oslo).

The exhibition is supported by Kulturrådet and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.

Photos: Susann Jamtøy/BABEL visningsrom for kunst