Märit Aronsson-Towler: Linjerna i landskapet

14 – 30 October 2022

BABEL visningsrom for kunst welcomes you to the solo exhibition Linjerna i landskapet by Märit Aronsson-Towler.

Opening reception Friday, October 14th from 19.00–21.00
Artist talk between Märit Aronsson-Towler and Linn Halvorsrød Sunday, October 30th at 12.00

Opening hours:
Thurs/Fri 16.00–19.00
Sat/Sun 12.00–16.00

Märit Aronsson-Towler constructs her images using movement as a recurring element, in the working method and process, as well as in the visual language of the finished works. The joy of working and the constant longing for flow are also important elements of her practice.

In the exhibition Linjerna i landskapet, Aronsson-Towler presents woodcuts that she has been working with for the past two years. From ten wooden plates, she has printed a large number of images, all unique in their colour combinations. The images are abstract and are based on both the grain of the wooden boards and patterns selected from everyday life. They are square and can be combined with any of the other images, rotated in any way. This results in a playful composition, and reflects an experience of thoughts being dynamic and fragmentary, connecting in unexpected ways. Included in the exhibition is a new artist’s book containing diary notes from Märit’s walks. An audio recording of these notes can be listened to in one of the gallery rooms.

She says:
There are many ways to achieve a sense of flow. My favourite ways are to take long walks and to make woodcuts. I have a strong sense of thinking very clearly when I am in physical movement. This is when I get ideas and see connections. When I make the woodcuts, I have the same experience, but here it is only my hand that moves and makes an abstract pattern, full of movement.

Märit Aronsson-Towler (b. 1974 in Ås, Jämtland) has an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim and has studied at the College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm and Creative Writing at Uppsala University. She has exhibited at a number of galleries and received many grants and prizes. She is represented in the collections of Trondheim Municipality, Jämtland Härjedalen Region and the Art Museum in Nord-Trøndelag. In addition to her artistic practice, she works as a writer.

The exhibition is supported by Trondheim Municipality and the Association of Norwegian Printmakers.

Photos: Susann Jamtøy/BABEL visningsrom for kunst