OPEN CALL: Atelier Babel
(deadline 01.02.2020)

Babel Art Space is happy to announce the three-year project Atelier Babel, where we offer an artist based in Trondheim the opportunity to use Babel Art Space as their studio for two months (December/January) followed by an exhibition (February). The selected artist will receive a fee of 100 000 NOK which is ment to cover the artist’s salary. We are announcing the first two project periods: December to February 2020/2021 and December to February 2021/2022. At the end of 2020, we will announce the third and last project period, which will happen in December to February 2022/2023.

What we offer:
– A unique possibility to work in Babel Art Space for two months before an exhibition. In addition to the gallery rooms in Babel there is also a black box, a small kitchen and a toilet. Wifi is also available.
– An exhibition period of one month.
– Access to the workshops at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder.
– Feedback and practical help from Babel’s artistic committee and staff.
– Salary for your work!

What we ask for:
– That the artist uses Babel Art Space as their main base during December and January.
– That the artist produces an exhibition, opening in February following the production period.
– That the artist, in collaboration with Babel Staff, arranges one activity for Kulturskolen and one other open event during the production period.
– That the artist gives an artist talk during the exhibition period.

Applications must include:
– Short description of your artistic practice (250 words maximum).
– Project description (600 words maximum) including what period you are applying for.
– CV.
– Portfolio with a maximum of ten pages/works. Attach time-based works as a link to vimeo or a similar site. Remember to include a short description of your work.
– A short statement describing how participating in Atelier Babel will benefit your practice.
– A budget that highlights the distribution between fees and production costs, as well as any plans for additional financing.

All information must be sent as a single PDF file (max 10 MB). Name your file as follows: Firstname_Surename_AtelierBABEL, and send it to: by 1 February 2020.

All artists working in Trondheim can apply, but you must qualify for membership in NBK, NK or similar organizations. The applications will be considered by Babel’s artistic committee, consisting of Tobias Liljedahl, Carlos A. Correia, Torhild Aukan and Tore Reisch, as well as project manager for Babel Art Space, Lena Katrine Sokki.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the application or if you would like to have a look at the space.


This project is made possible with support from Kulturfondet. Thank you to Trondheim Municipality.