Petra Dalström: Metal fountain, soft mountain

12 – 28 November 2021

BABEL visningsrom for kunst welcomes you to the solo exhibition Metal fountain, soft mountain by Petra Dalström November 12th – 28th.

12.11 Opening at 19.00
20.11 Sound Performance by Christian Dugstad and Heida Mobeck on Saturday at 15:00
28.11 Artist talk by Petra Dalström in conversation with Mari Oseland at 14.00

Opening hours:
Thu/Fri 16 – 19
Sat/Sun 12 – 16

Petra Dalström’s practice revolves around observing the functional and sensuous qualities of materials that surround us. For the exhibition at BABEL, she has made sculptural interpretations of the specific properties of soft metals and soft stone. These materials are often perceived as seemingly hard and unworkable, but when actually engaging with them, that assumption might be challenged. The line of work has sprung out from a longer research around Scandinavian copper mining and the historical use of soapstone.

During the exhibition, there will be a sound performance by Christian Dugstad and Heida Mobeck, where they will play in dialogue with one of the copper sculptures.

Dalström (b. 1987) is a Copenhagen based artist, educated within ceramic materials from the KADK Design school in Bornholm. She works mainly between Norway and Denmark, but has also exhibited in various venues across Europe as well as Japan and Korea. She has an upcoming solo show at NBF’s Projektrom Carl Berner next year, and will be represented at Vestlandsutstillingen in 2022.

The exhibition is made possible with support from Kulturrådet and Statens Kunstfond.



here are your ape corals
the most prosperous pods,
the messengers.

the ones who seize the planet, tear it loose and make it tender,
smoothes over, gather strength, tear loose again

roll the fat stones
seperate dust from mist


you are drawn towards the metals
a sharp breath of zinc
verdigrated copper gaze

thrust from you,
and you thrust away

veins filled with soapstone:
metal fountain, soft mountain


world history retold: there used to be a vase here.


when planets align
and mark themselves lucky
because the light from a cod liver oil lamp waves off your eyeball

and time becomes a yielding stone,
your hands lazy gorgons

the moment then evaporates
and the mist becomes thick as clay.

Mari Oseland 
the line in italics is borrowed from melk kåpe sand måpe by  Janne-Camilla Lyster

This text is supported by Fritt ord

Photos: Susann Jamtøy/BABEL visningsrom for kunst