Coast Contemporary 2021

21 – 26 September 2021

We are very happy to welcome Coast Contemporary to BABEL!

As one of the collaborating institutions during “Time as a Social Institution” – Coast’s fifth edition, we are housing an exhibition that includes sculpture, textile, installation, a film program and 17 sound walks. 

The exhibiting artists are:
USIKKERKUNSTJENTE (Alexandra Jegerstedt and Iben Isabell Krogsgaard)
Lesia Vasylchenko
Ørjan Amundsen
Anne Marthe Dyvi
Breton Cassette by Pernille Meidell

Breton Cassette is 21 cassette releases by 17 artists including art produced for each release. You are welcome to borrow a Walkman in the gallery and go for a soundwalk wherever you like.

Extended opening hours during Coast: 
Tue-Wed (21-22.09): 14.00-17.00
Thur-Fri (23-24.09): 16.00-19.00
Sat-Sun (25-26.09): 12.00-16.00

Photos: Susann Jamtøy/BABEL visningsrom for kunst

Breton Cassette / Pernille Meidell
A retrospective presentation of 21 cassettes with the art produced for each release.

Soundwalk are available to you, please borrow a Walkman and listen outdoors where you please. To listen online please visit or Coast´s website.

Pernille Meidell publishes music under the artist name Perimeter O and participates in the conference program (21.09) with sound art from her releases and in a conversation with Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize, Curator and President of C-E-A, the French Curators’ Association, France.

Cassettes and art by the following Artists presented at BABEL:
Ørjan Amundsen, Erik Mowinckel, Silje Iversen Kristiansen, Eirik Melstrøm, Pernille Meidell, Elina Waage Mikalsen, Urd J. Pedersen, Joseph Helland, Timon Botez, Viktor Pedersen, Kirsti Willemse, Marianne Røthe Arnesen, Espen Friberg, Grotta Veterano and William Kudahl.

Breton Cassette publishes sound projects across genres and conveys a wide range of expressions and projects. Breton Cassette collaborates with artists who work with music and sound individually or as an inclusive part of the project for visual art. Breton Cassette is an artist-run initiative, started in 2019. Founded and run by Pernille Meidell.

Pernille Meidell was born in 1979, lives and works in Oslo. She has her background in visual art; sculpture, installation, textiles and drawing at the Oslo Academy of the Arts. Together with Breton Cassette, she is half of duo Dachs with Erik Mowinckel and makes music / sound works under the name Perimeter O. Perimeter O works with composition through alternating use of electronic devices, acoustic instruments, voice, text writing, field recording and production.

Breton Cassette has participated in Bergen Art Book Fair, Arctic Art Book Fair in Tromsø and Barstad Art Book Fair at Oppland Art Center.

Artist duo consisting of Alexandra Jegerstedt and Iben Isabell Krogsgaard 

USIKKERKUNSTJENTE is presented with sculpture, installation and textile works at BABEL and will meet the public on Tuesday 21.09 at 16:00.  

Parts of the art presented at BABEL was produced for their solo exhibition at Telemark Art Center, which unfortunately was not able to open due to Covid and lockdown. It is a pleasure to be able to show some of the production in Trondheim and Coast wishes to express sincere thanks to the artists and to Director Hilde Tørdal for the collaboration. 

USIKKERKUNSTJENTE is a collaboration between Alexandra Jegerstedt and Iben Isabell Krogsgaard that started in 2018. 

They combine their own practices and their individual strengths and experiences that allow for a dynamic meeting that results in new and uncommon ways of expression. Jegerstedt and Krogsgaard challenge each other to the brink of self-destruction, in order to think of techniques and materials in new ways.

USIKKERKUNSTJENTE creates conceptual universes, often with a theme that refers to what art really expresses and how it exists.

Alexandra Jegerstedt was born in 1986 in Trondheim, she lives and works in Trondheim. She holds an MFA from the Art academy in Bergen.

Iben Isabell Krogsgaard was born in 1993 in Arendal, she lives and works in Oslo. She holds a BFA from NTNU the Univerity in Trondheim and an MFA from the Art academy in Bergen.

USIKKERKUNSTJENTE has exhibited at Telemark Kunstsenter (2021), VAN ETTEN (2021), Kunstpunkt Lista, Agder Kunstsenter (2020), Trøndelagsutstillingen (2019) and Høstutstillingen (2018). Upcoming: KÖSK, Oslo (2021), TSSK (2022) and Kongsberg Kunstforening (2022).

Anne Marthe Dyvi
“Doing Time / Å gjøre tid» 
Screened as a part of the film program at BABEL.

Dyvi alos participates in the conference program at Lademoen (22.09) with a self-presentation followed by a conversation with Agnés Violeau, Curator and Head of Exhibitions and Printed Matter at FRAC Lorraine in France.

The video depicts Emanuelle Okeke, a prisoner in Åna District Prison’s process of dipping candles. There are candle foundries in several Norwegian prisons. Here, criminals in Norway produce the most carefully dipped candles. It’s a contrast I wanted to capture on video. Time is an all-encompassing theme, in art in general, and my work on this work. Measurement of time, and the experience of time. In work, reconciliation and in the actual burning time of a candle.

Anne Marthe Dyvi was born in 1979. She lives and works in Bergen and graduated from the Art Academy in Bergen, MFA in 2010. She is President of Atelier Nord responsible for the National Video Art archives, and she has a long background from the Artist Unions in Norway.

Dyvi is represented in the collections of KODE (Bergen Art Museum), Stavanger Art Museum, Bergen City Council, Vestland County and KORO. She was part of the resource group developing a national archive for video arts in Norway for the Arts Council, Videokunstarkivet. She is a member of the artist group Ytter, and has worked as artistic developer at the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art 2010-2019

Lesia Vasylchenko
Vasylchenko participates at BABEL with the objects “Въ Руцѣ Лѣто ‘38” (2021), and with the film “Postcard From a Nonexisting City”(2021) screened in the film program. 

Lesia Vasylchenko is the artist and curator behind the project STRUKTURA. Time. It lasted for five months and won the award for “Best Art of the Year” by Natt & DAG (2020). 

Vasylchenko also participates in the conference program (21.09) with a Keynote Artist Talk of STRUKTURA. Time.

Въ Руцѣ Лѣто ‘38
Laser cut hand sewn leather (2021)
“Въ Руцѣ Лѣто ‘38” is a wearable sculpture, a calendar and ritual tool. Constructed between the frameworks of speculative design, science fiction and horology (the study of the measurement of time), this work is presented as an artefact from the future: it is intended to remind us both of precapitalist temporality and invites speculation of events that have not occurred yet. It is functional, but we don’t know how to use it yet, as well as anymore, simultaneously

“Postcard From a Nonexisting City”
“Postcard From a Nonexisting City” is a video work that explores the Soviet imaginary and its relation to the future. The work features a virtual rendering of an architectural landscape that contrasts physical and temporal scales and stamps function as graphic messengers of a political and cultural transition. Constructed between the frameworks of speculative architecture, philately and the politics of time, “Postcard From a Nonexisting City” is a work that reflects on temporal arrangements and geopolitical effects produced by space communication technologies.

Lesia Vasylchenko is a Kyiv-born Ukraine artist and curator, based in Oslo. Her practice spans between installation, moving image and photography. 
She is a co-curator of the artist-run gallery space Podium and a founder of STRUKTURA. Time, a cross-disciplinary initiative for research and practice within the framework of visual arts, media archaeology, literature, and philosophy. She holds a degree in Journalism from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Fine Arts from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Vasylchenkos works have been shown among others at Louvre Museum, Paris; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; Haugar Art Museum, Tønsberg; Tenthaus Gallery, Oslo; The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale.

Ørjan Amundsen
“Cactus Land Remade – A Martian Gothic” 
Screened as a part of the film program at BABEL.

Amundsen also participates in the program at Rosendal Theater 22.09.2021 with a live performance of the film soundtrack and screening of the work “Cactus Land Remade – A Martian Gothic” followed by the conversation “About cacti, lands and remakings” with Valentine Umansky, curator of International Art at Tate Modern in London (UK).

Ørjan Amundsen works with video, music, text and installation, often in combination. Central to his artistic practice is the use of editing and manipulation of existing visual, literary and musical material. His works facilitate a play with correspondences, references and analogies, which can be both poetic and humorous, and also melancholic and existential.

Through appropriated material from games, films, music videos, commercials and more, “Cactus Land Remade – A Martian Gothic” tells a story about human colonization of Mars.

The allure of Mars has for a long time been a central theme in myths and in fiction, as well as conspiracies and in recent years it has become the focus of a new space race. Countries like the U.S., China, Russia and India are contenders alongside private entities such as SpaceX, Boeing and Blue Origin. Mars has in a sense become the first step of the utopian dream of colonizing space, or a second Earth when our planet no longer can sustain humans.

Ørjan Amundsen was born in Førde in 1982. Lives and works in Skien. He has a BFA from the Art Academy in Tromsø, 2014 and an MFA from the Art Academy in Trondheim, 2016.

Solo exhibitions include 100000 (2021, Tid, Mandal), 4 Carpe 4 Diem 4 (2020, Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien) and More World (2019, Nejd, Göteborg). He has shown works at Kai Art Center in Tallinn (2019, Truth on Screen), Mumbai Art Room (2018, Illusions) and Whitechapel Gallery in London (2018, Artists’ Film International). Amundsen has also produced commissioned works for art and film festivals: Greenlightdistrict in Skien/Porsgrunn (2019), Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival in Harstad (2017) and Barents Spektakel in Kirkenes/Nikel (2016).

You can read more about the artist and works at

Coast Contemporary is supported by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassies of Paris, Rome and Iceland, Trondheim municipality, Bergen municipality, KORO – Art in Public Space and Norsk Kulturråd.