1.-17. Mar 2019


In the exhibition Shapeshifting Thing Thing, Kim Kvello presents a group of new works in the form of sculptural paintings. Kvello is interested in the painting both as a surface and as a textile material, often in a functional and bodily shape. With a precise and secure hand, he merges his materials into quiet and detailed stories of time and presence. The title of the exhibition talks about the materiality of the works and their form changing nature.

The materials of Kim Kvello’s work bear the marks of their own history, which Kvello builds on by further tearing, painting, breaking apart and rearranging. Released from their former function and purpose, the materials are revealed as painterly elements, while still referring to the viewer’s everyday surroundings with a still recognisable character. The materials used by Kvello often share a history of various uses related to touch or placement in relation to the human body, such as internal parts of clothing or railings in public spaces.

Kim Kvello (b. 1987 in Trondheim) is a graduate of Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and the Faculty of Fine Art, Bergen. Previous exhibitions include the group exhibition Repeat.Forward (Gallery F.15, Moss, 2018), Young Invited (Lnm, Oslo, 2017) and the solo exhibition Until it is Obliterated / How Soon is Later (Felt, Bergen 2017). Go to for more information