Pete Fleming&Daniel Hansen: A side-step, a reflective glance


Pete Fleming & Daniel Hansen: A side-step, a reflective glance
19.-28. October
Exhibition opening 19th October. 19:00

Pete Fleming and Daniel Hansen are both artists who use lens based imagery to destabilize established forms of perception, arguing that uncertainty is beneficial. Based in Oslo, their artworks playfully break down everyday narratives used to interpret the world – by using a side-step, a reflective glance, we might find the value and hope in uncertainty.

Pete Fleming (b. 1987, United Kingdom) approaches the digital image from a materialist position. Starting with light and touch, his installations deal with the sensual and haptic nature of digital images. By thinking and making images intra-actively, that is; within and with the surrounding muddle of imaging equipment, archives, and sensory organs, his work articulates the composite nature of digital media as it moves between servers, fingertips, light emissions, and feelings.
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Daniel Hansen (b. 1991, Sweden) explores the boundaries and origins of established, western methods of understanding the world with a focus on locales beyond human grasp. Hansen’s stories are deliberately, but not maliciously, anachronistic. The stories and manipulated photographs delve into historic as well as contemporary events with the aim to examine how these stories function, and if we can depend on them to represent the world to us fairly.
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This exhibition was made possible with the help of funds from Kulturrådet and Norske Billedkunstnere.