Jóhanna Ellen: Boot Noise

Painted shoes.
Animated sound.
Noise on paper.

Turn on your computer, it’s boot makes noise.
Put on my shoes, your steps make faces.
Look at my paintings, see what I hear.

Jóhanna Ellen will show new works on paper, on footwear and on screen, made during her residency at LKV.

Jóhanna Ellen (b.1983) lives and works on Oslo. She holds an MA from Oslo Academy of Fine Art and an BA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. She has exhibited at Noplace, Oslo (2014/16) Entrée, Bergen (2016) Issyra Gallery, New Jersey (2016) Telemark Kunstnersenter, Skien (2015) Vestlandutstillingen (2015) Five Years Gallery, London (2013) Kronika, Bytom (2013) INCA Institute, Detroit (2013) Høstutstillingen, Oslo (2012/13) and had video works in the Video Open program curated by Janne Talstad, shown both in norway and abroad.


“I create parallel worlds filled with characters and voices that comment on the material world we live in. I find small triggers for my production everywhere; in the private sphere and in the community around me, from news media to shopping carts in the store. An interpretation of my practice may be that it breaks the “fourth wall” between imagination and reality, it seeks to illustrate an existence that is both alluring and unbearable.

I like the idea to walk around in a painting. The humour in my shoes is earnest rather than ironic and I experience genuine joy while making and then parading around in them. They are serious though, as like other characters I have created, they are distractions from reality, from their lives as worn out old shoes.

The Noise Writing Music drawings that are kind of picturing a sensing or feeling of noise – I think of them as poetry which I transfer into other works, like for now I’ve used them as sketches for music, animations and paintings.

The music in the video animations are made out from different levels of frequency and pitch sounds, and with manipulated sounds from instruments that I play on, using my voice and others.

Noise Paint video is made out from layering images of “snow” or white noise produced by CRT Televisions.”


Opening Friday 20th of October at 7 p.m.

Opening hours:
Thursday/ Friday: 4 – 7 p.m.
Saturday/ Sunday: 12 – 4 p.m.