Fae Logie/ Petter Solberg

Opening: Friday 23rd of October at 7 p.m.

Fae Logie: Tree Markers

Canadian installation artist Fae Logie is exploring how communities create a sense of identity though the ecology of a particular place – considering the forest ecosystem, its natural history, it biodiversity, its cultures, its myths. Her current work focuses on articulating a correspondence between dwelling and forests, as unique indigenous and modified treed landscapes, both local and distant. Operating within the registers of the scientific and the poetic, her work subverts purely objective inquiry to find alternatives ways of knowing our engagement with nature. Logie works with sculpture, site-specific installation, performance and video, utilizing the juxtaposition of found and manufactured objects within the context of real and imagined space.

Fae Logie lives and works on Bowen Island off the coast from Vancouver, Canada.  She received a MFA in 1989 from University of British Columbia. She has exhibited across Canada as well as in England, Iceland and New Zealand. https://faelogie.wordpress.com/

Fae Lodgie

Petter Solberg: Ritual Spaces

Kristiansand-born artist Petter Solberg seeks new ways to tell stories to create ambiguous experiences that challenge what people perceive. His works gathers abstract and figurative elements to create a sense of imbalance and unrest, suggesting underlying conflicts. At Babel he presents the multi screen installation ACCUMULATIONS. Inspired by different concepts of energy – from science and biology to religion and pop culture, the project constructs a system of animation loops depicting various patterns of movement. In the context of ACCUMULATIONS, energy represents an unknown factor – the mysterious core – around which a system of form and movement is built. While the images themselves might not be immediately identifiable, their animations are inspired by natural processes and real life movement.

Petter Solberg is a visual artist based in Norway and Germany. His work includes sculpture, painting, video and creative writing. He has an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art (2010). www.petter-solberg.com


The exhibitions last day is November 1st.

Opening hours:
Thursday/ Friday 2 – 6 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday 12 – 4 p.m.

Our bookstore Babel Bok will be open during exhibition opening hours.