Jung-Ouk Hong & Hyojung Kim

Inter- (사이)
23.01 – 01.02 2015

The South Korean couple Jung-Ouk Hong and Hyojung Kim expresses “relations chosen according to a psychological or physical situation that record rhythm of sentiments fluctuating in the flow of time”. In Korean 사이(sa ee:) implies both ‘between’ and ‘relations between people’, close to the English word inter-. An interaction takes place between the contrasting rational geometric and mathematical structures by Hong and the dreamlike, colorful rhythmic paintings by Kim – also creating connections between the enduring and ephemeral, the rational and emotional, and the tangible and invisible.


Jung-Ouk Hong and Hyojung Kim currently live and work in Seoul, Korea. Hong graduated from Hong-ik University with a MFA in Painting in 2005. He later received a second MFA in Painting from Slade School of Fine Art in London (2009). Kim graduated with a MFA from Hong-ik University in Seul, South Korea in 2005.

For more information see:http://www.hongjung-ouk.com/ and  http://www.hyoooj.com/